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Ardakan Glass Corporation

Ardakan Glass Corporation was established in 2009 with the purpose of discovering, extracting and processing glass mineral materials, production of wide range of different types of float glass in different thickness range from 1.8 to 19 mm. Furthermore, there is a ground with the area of 75 hectare specialized for different processed glass, and construction of the first production line plant with the capacity of 900 tons per day started in 2009 and started production of clear float, spandrel, reflective, mirror, laminated, double glazing and ...

About AAC Block company

Ardakan AAC blocks which is a company in Ardakan Glass Corporation established after production of float glass and afterwards processed glass in autumn of 2015. The capacity of production in this company is 2000 (m^3) AAC blocks per a day which is the best material for construction. Besides, Ardakan AAC Block Company is the greatest manufacture of dry mortar with more than 20 types of mortar which is known as Ardakan ...

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While AAC Blocks from 60 years ago has been used in construction building in Europe, people in Iran unfortunately are still not familiar with them. In spite of the fact that a lot of destructive earthquake occurred in Iran in the recent 15 years. Approximately all AAC blocks have attributes like: thermal and sound insulation, Resistance to freezing and fire, reducing the damage of earthquakes. Lightweightness and integration is counted as a key solution to increase stagnation of immunity of structures against earthquakes. Attributes like decreasing ...
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    How to run

    Shipping & Maintenance: Maintenance Unloading the block with suitable equipment such as a forklift. If the pallets are separated, the corners may ...

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    Lightness Regarding the advanced technology in the production of lightweight concrete, this product is very light (about one-third of ...

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    " در این بخش می توانید کلیه محاسبات مربوط به تعیین حجم، سایز واندازه بلوک را به راحتی انجام دهید"

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    You can see The projects of Ardakan AAC and Mortar company in this page. [modula id="1292"]

The process of the production of armed p

The process of production of the panels is common with the process of production of blocks, after which the steel meshes are prepared to reinforce the panel and to increase the strength of the molds. These panels consist of several rows of rebar meshes, which reinforce and also strengthen the panels. These steel meshes vary in thickness and texture depending on the dimensions of the panel wall and the wall thickness. The use of these meshes has made these panels more resistant to the damages caused by earthquakes. Actually, these wall ...

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Ardakan Mortar Ardakan dry mortar factory has been built in a 4000 square meter area with daily production capacity of 570 tons of dry building mortar in 20 different product types in Ardakan Glass Group and near Ardakan Light Block Factory. The factory is capable of producing all the common mortars in the construction and industrial industry with a capacity of 30 tons per hour. All the machines in the process of production are fully automated. It has designed to cover all construction and industrial needs of ...
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    AAC block adhesive

    Nowadays, with the advent of lightweight block building (AAC) in construction, due to its many advantages, the use of special ...

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    Tile Adhesive

    Tile adhesive: Looking at human life today and comparing it with the near past (like three decades ago) we will ...

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    Facade brick adhesive

    Powder facade brick adhesive is made of all kinds of dry mortar which is designed and manufactured on the basis ...

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How to run

Shipping & Maintenance: Maintenance Unloading the block with suitable equipment such as a forklift. If the pallets are separated, the corners may be damaged. Drop and hold the blocks on a flat surface above the ground. In case of unloading on the roof, distribute it near the column and walls. If there is a coating on the pallet, ...

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